Jazz Styles and Genres


bossa nova(wav)
chamber jazz(wav)
cool jazz(wav)
free jazz(wav)
hard bop(wav)
jazz funk(wav)
jazz fusion(wav)
mambo over 2-3 clave(wav)
mambo over 3-2 clave(wav)
soul jazz(wav)



saxophones (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone)(wav)
xylophone v. vibraphone(wav)

  Course Requirements


Fall 2018 Syllabus(pdf)
Listening Journals(pdf)

  Musical Examples


week 02: 12-bar (AAB) blues(wav)
week 02: antiphony (call and response): 3 examples(wav)
week 02: trades(wav)
week 03: improvised counterpoint(wav)
week 03: spontaneous polyphony(wav)
week 04: popular song form AABA ("Body and Soul")(wav)
week 04: popular song form ABAC ("How High the Moon")(wav)
week 04: riffs used a melody(wav)
week 04: riffs used to accompany a soloist(wav)
week 05: saxophone soli(wav)
week 05: shout chorus (and coda)(wav)

  Course Handouts

All handouts for the course can be found here.


"Strange Fruit"(pdf)
Blues in a popular song ("West End Blues"/"Stormy Weather")(pdf)
Charles Mingus: "Original Faubus Fables"(pdf)
Charles Mingus: "Self-Portrait in Three Colors" (lead sheet)(pdf)
Count Basie: head arrangements; "Shiny Stockings"(pdf)
Duke Ellington explains "Harlem Air Shaft"(pdf)
Miles Davis: "So What" solo (transcribed)(pdf)
They Can't Take That Away from Me (lyirc)(pdf)
two examples of early blues lyrics(pdf)



Week 01: On the Importance of Jazz(pdf)
Week 04: The Birth of Swing(pdf)
Week 05: The Definition of Jazz(pdf)
Week 06: Genius on the Edge(pdf)
Week 06: The Tradition Continues(pdf)
Week 07: Frank Sinatra and Billie Holiday(pdf)
Week 08: How Phrasing and Space Can Radically Improve Your Solos(pdf)
Week 09: Afro Cuban Jazz: The Journey(pdf)
Week 09: Fifty Years of "Body and Soul"(pdf)
Week 09: Our Man from Havana(pdf)
Week 11: Coltrane on Coltrane(pdf)
Week 11: Miles Davis in Retrospect(pdf)
Week 12: Dark Passions, Bright Moment(pdf)
Week 12: Recent Rollins(pdf)
Week 12: Sonny Rollins Speaks(pdf)
Week 13: A Day in a (Double) Life(pdf)
Week 13: From Russia with Jazz(pdf)
Week 14: Brass Fantasies(pdf)
Week 14: From Monk to Funk(pdf)
Week 14: Fusion Sells but Is it Jazz?(pdf)
Week 14: One Divided by Four Equals Infinity(pdf)
Week 15: Jazz Ain`t Dead, but Charle Parker Is(pdf)

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