Reed All About It: Interviews and Master Classes with Jazz's Leading Reed Players


Bob Bernotas' articles about the art and craft of jazz reed playing are collected, in revised and expanded form, for the first time in this single volume. Musicians and serious jazz fans alike will enjoy and be enlightened by these interviews and master classes with James Moody, Frank Foster, Benny Golson, Johnny Griffin, George Coleman, Pharoah Sanders, Joe Lovano, Paquito D'Rivera, Don Byron, Bobby Watson, Jerome Richardson, Jane Bunnett, David "Fathead" Newman, Hamiet Bluiett, Joe Temperley, Sue Terry, Virginia Mayhew, Don Braden, plus 20 more jazz reed artists.

"Reed All About It ... is an amazing journey into the inner lives of the musicians that create the music we love. ... Bernotas, who is also a musician, has an incredible knack as an interviewer of being able to converse with musicians on their level. ... I highly recommend this book to all saxophonists, music students, jazz lovers, and music educators as well."
-- Laura Dreyer,

Table of Contents

Quiet Confidence: Bobby Watson
Big Band Warrior: Frank Foster
Confessions of a Nerd: Don Byron
One Divided by Four Equals Infinity: The World Saxophone Quartet
Moving Ever Forward: Benny Golson
Old Winds, New Music: J.D. Parran
Our Man from Havana: Paquito D'Rivera
Arts and Crafts: Douglas Ewart
Musician's Musician: George Coleman

Tough Tenor: Johnny Griffin
Rear Garde: Hamiet Bluiett
Versatility Personified: Jerome Richardson
Pan-American: Jane Bunnett
"I Just Tune to Myself": Pharoah Sanders
"I Wanted to Play the Saxophone": Virginia Mayhew
Texas Tenor: David "Fathead" Newman
Programmed: Don Braden
"Music Is Just About Choice": Don Byron
"You've Got to Start with the Sound": Sue Terry
Three Continents, One Music: T.K. Blue
Great Scot: Joe Temperley
Like Father, Like Son: Joe Lovano
Getting Noticed: Lily White
There He Goes, There He Goes: James Moody
Focused on the Flute: Jamie Baum
Musician of the Century: Benny Waters

Jamie Baum: Developing a Stronger and More Flexible Flute Articulation
Don Braden: Musical Applications of Computers
Don Byron: Choosing Clarinet Ligatures
Don Byron: Taking Care of Clarinet Reeds
Robert Dick: Circular Breathing for Flutists
Marty Ehrlich: Doubling on Bass Clarinet
Jackie McLean: Tonguing and Phrasing on Saxophone
Rene McLean: Developing Your Musical Personality
James Moody: Doubling on Flute
J.D. Parran: Multiphonics for Clarinet
John Purcell: Physical Aspects of Saxophone Playing
Jerome Richardson: Advice for Lead Alto Saxophonists
Ned Rothenberg: Basic Exercises for Saxophone Multiphonics
Steve Slagle: Developing a Strong Sense of Time
Jim Snidero: Surviving as a Jazz Soloist on the Road
Michael White: Getting That "New Orleans Clarinet" Sound

Critical Acclaim

"A highly enjoyable vignette selection especially for jazz fans, Reed All About It is highly recommended and a welcome addition to any personal, community library, or academic Jazz History and American Music collection or supplemental reading list."
Midwest Book Review

"As in his previous book, Top Brass, Bernotas' questions reflect an impressive understanding of the artists, their sounds and approaches, and musical trends within and beyond jazz."

"Whether you are a saxophone player or not, I think you would enjoy reading [this] new book by Bob Bernotas. ... There are pretty candid revelations, which I believe could be very helpful to young players contemplating a similar career."
Jazz Brevard

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"If you play, or even listen to jazz, these are important books. They entertain, are easy to read and also educate."
-Jack Simpson, Jazz on the Beach, WUCF-FM

Reed All About It: Interviews and Master Classes with Jazz's Leading Reed Players


Top Brass: Interviews and Master Classes with Jazz's Leading Brass Players


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