Just Jazz featuring The Sinatra Hour
Has Been Canceled by WRNJ

Sad news for the music we love: In case you haven't heard, the popular, professionally produced radio and internet program, Just Jazz featuring The Sinatra Hour, that I had been presenting on WRNJ since November 2015 has been canceled. (My final show was aired on March 25, 2018.) The perpetrator of this crime against our music was the station's majority owner, a soulless, gutless jazz hater named Larry Tighe. This "big shot" was too cowardly to inform me personally I was notified via email by someone else, acting on his orders and too thoughtless to offer me the courtesy of a farewell program.

The sudden cancelation elicited a volley of email complaints and protests* from listeners, supporters, and lovers of jazz, not that it made any difference (and not that I expected it would). But it was gratifying to see how many people appreciated the hard work and talent that went into each program. And this loser needed to know how many listeners his station had lost due to his ignorance, closed-mindedness, and lack of musical taste.

So now if you're looking for the best new jazz releases, classic jazz tracks, and the songs of Frank Sinatra and the great voices of jazz and popular music, don't tune in to WRNJ because none of it is there anymore and it never will be as long as the place is owned by a cretin who wouldn't know good music if it bit him in the ass.

* If you'd care to protest WRNJ's cancelation of Just Jazz featuring The Sinatra Hour, feel free to email the station's president/general manager, Norman Worth, at nworth@wrnj.com

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