Course Requirements


Jazz Appreciation Required Texts.pdf(pdf)
Syllabus Fall 2021.pdf(pdf)
weekly radio listening.pdf(pdf)

  Jazz Styles and Genres


bossa nova(wav)
chamber jazz(wav)
cool jazz(wav)
free jazz(wav)
hard bop(wav)
jazz funk(wav)
jazz fusion(wav)
mambo over 2-3 clave(wav)
mambo over 3-2 clave(wav)
soul jazz(wav)



saxophones (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone)(wav)
xylophone v. vibraphone(wav)

  Musical Examples


week 02: 12-bar (AAB) blues(wav)
week 02: antiphony (call and response): 3 examples(wav)
week 02: trades(wav)
week 03: improvised counterpoint(wav)
week 03: spontaneous polyphony(wav)
week 04: popular song form AABA ("Body and Soul")(wav)
week 04: popular song form ABAC ("How High the Moon")(wav)
week 04: riffs used a melody(wav)
week 04: riffs used to accompany a soloist(wav)
week 05: saxophone soli(wav)
week 05: shout chorus (and coda)(wav)

  Course Handouts

All handouts for the course can be found here.


Week 03: blues in a popular song ("West End Blues"/"Stormy Weather") (pdf)
Week 03: two examples of early blues lyrics(pdf)
Week 05: Duke Ellington explains "Harlem Air Shaft"(pdf)
Week 06: Count Basie: head arrangements; "Shiny Stockings"(pdf)
Week 07: They Can`t Take That Away from Me (lyric)(pdf)
Week 11: Miles Davis: "So What" solo (transcribed)(pdf)
Week 12: Charles Mingus: "Original Faubus Fables"(pdf)
Week 12: Charles Mingus: "Self-Portrait in Three Colors" (lead sheet)(pdf)



Week 02: On the Importance of Jazz(pdf)
Week 05: The Birth of Swing(pdf)
Week 06: Blues Backstage(pdf)
Week 06: The Definition of Jazz(pdf)
Week 06: The Tradition Continues(pdf)
Week 07: Frank Sinatra and Billie Holiday(pdf)
Week 07: Genius on the Edge(pdf)
Week 09: Afro Cuban Jazz: The Journey(pdf)
Week 09: How Phrasing and Space Can Radically Improve Your Solos(pdf)
Week 09: Our Man from Havana(pdf)
Week 10: Fifty Years of "Body and Soul"(pdf)
Week 11: Miles Davis in Retrospect(pdf)
Week 12: Coltrane on Coltrane(pdf)
Week 12: Dark Passions, Bright Moments(pdf)
Week 12: Recent Rollins(pdf)
Week 12: Sonny Rollins Speaks(pdf)
Week 14: A Day in a (Double) Life(pdf)
Week 14: From Monk to Funk(pdf)
Week 14: From Russia with Jazz(pdf)
Week 14: Fusion Sells but Is it Jazz?(pdf)
Week 15: Brass Fantasies(pdf)
Week 15: Jazz Ain`t Dead, but Charlie Parker Is(pdf)
Week 15: One Divided by Four Equals Infinity(pdf)

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